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ready in only three microwave minutes

I decided to make some two part plaster moulds of farm animal plastic figures, they’re very detailed and this is my first time trying a two part mould… I’ll show you how the rabbit turned out;

Here is Mr Bunniloo [not to be confused with Bunnykins, who is a sort of trademark rabbit with a whole sub culture of twee pottery dedicated to him. MrBunniloo is an altogther more serious bunny. Can’t you see that glint in his eye? He’s after ya! Plus, he has a green nose for some reason.]

Here is MrBunniloo in stoneware. Success! Now he needs cleaning up with a knife, and drying so his detail isn’t lost when I put my mucky mawlers all over him.

As he is made from a two part mould I can get a nice sprig to decorate bowls from one hlaf of the mould. Here is Bunniloo on a bowl, and there is a cockerel in the background on a plate. I’m not too convinced as to his structral stability though.

Here’s Bunniloo on a plate. I like him here, I think he’ll look funny with two giant pieces of toast next to him. I think I’ll try and use him on some lids next, as a wee handle.

All photos can be seen larger on flickr


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2010 by in pottery.
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