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Lucky Luke and Other Films

The Edinburgh Film Festival has been brilliant this year; I’ve seen four films, each one completely different yet all worth recommending.

First was Thunder Soul – a documentary about the rise, fall and rise again of an inner city black Stage Band from the 70s. The hair was BIG, the shoes were HIGH the guys and girls were SUPERFLY and the music was faaaantastic, you could not believe that these musicians were only 16-17 yeras old. The film tracked the rehearsals as the band reformed in honour of The Prof, the man who had taught them all they knew musically, and most of what they knew about being a member of society. Many of the band admitted that they would be in jail or dead without The Prof guiding them. I doubt this will get a commercial release, but the best way I can sum it up is ‘Mr Holland’s Opus, but GOOD’.

Next was Girl With Black Balloons, another documentary by a student of Albert Maysles, about an artist living in New York’s Chelsea Hotel. I don’t want to say anymore, as it’s impossible not to draw comparisons with Gray Gardens, but this is far from a derivative work. Again, it’s very doubtful you’d get to see this again in a commercial screening, but hopefully it will get a wider release off the back of the festival circuit. A portrait of a vulnerable, stroung and fascinating woman.

THEN came Cigarette Girl, a stylish story written and directed by one guy. This usually sets off alarm bells for me, as these projects often look low budget and are badly edited and clunky [red cockroaches, I’m looking in your direction] but the pacing here was so fast and the styling so slick you could forgive the odd slow cutaway! It also didn’t hurt that the lead Cory Dial is absolutely gorgeous, and is in various smokin’ hot outfits or states of undress most of the time.

But my top tip, and AGAIN a film I doubt will get a distributor in the UK, is LUCKY LUKE. Based on a series of comics written by Goscinny and others, this live action French film is definitely inspired by the cartoony look and feel, but takes it in a totally different direction to other comic fims [Watchmen, Sin City, Batman etc] and into a fantastic technicolour world of the Wild West. I can’t even tell you how funny this film is, the whole audience was killing themselves laughing. I’ve since read that fans of the original comics aren’t fans of this ‘homage’ which is a shame, because it’s a total gem. I especially liked the secondary characters of Jesse James – who quotes Shakespeare and has a dramatic long coat that he’s always stepping on – and Calamity Jane – with her rifle strapped to a leg with the hide of a varmint.

Everything about this film appealed to me, half an hour in I was wondering how to get hold of a copy on bluray!

It doesn’t hurt that the lead is pretty easy on the eye.

I always have a good time at the Film Festival, even if I sometimes see a few duffs, but this year was the best crop ever. I feel so elated!

This week I’m planning on mixing up some glazes and testing them at cone 6 firing, and ordering some porcelain so I can make finer plates and casts of the animals. I may also have a small commission for a commemorative plate, so that will be good to do!


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This entry was posted on June 27, 2010 by in films.
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