Sarah Halford

Architecture and Ceramics

but is it art?

Charles Saatchi has gifted over £25m worth of artworks to the nation, and his gallery will become the Museum of Contemporary Art when he retires.

This news has really lifted my heart! I’ve always thought Saatchi would make a fantastic fantasy dinner guest; he’s in advertising [I imagine it’s a lot like Mad Men, but with sharper suits and no oysters] he’s married to Nigella, and he owns most of the important British artworks created in the last 30 years.

I believe that if you have important art in your possession it is SICK AND WRONG to keep it to yourself. And it’s quite clearly counterintuitative; how is it going to increase in value if it’s sitting in your drawing room? And of course it’s less likely that a gallery will catch on fire than a warehouse. Or something. See – God hates art hoggers.

Someone should have made an epic painting of the Momart fire by now – it would be like Liberty Leading The People, but Saachi would be holding a bit of Tracy Emin’s soiled sheets.


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