Sarah Halford

Architecture and Ceramics

we’re two of a kind – like Bonnie and Tyler

Here are some pictures of things that I have enjoyed lately.

Pigsy likes to go in bags. You can’t get him out of there.

These signs are on the back of most Edinburgh buses, they always really cheer me up. It’s a happy bus!

Bits of a brick wall on the beach at Portobello. I wonder what that wall was.

We went to Cork last weekend, to visit F’s family. I love Cork, it is my favourite place to go on holidays. F’s dad drove us around some of the new buildings in Cork, and we went to where F used to go river fishing and there’s a grotto there. I think these things are great.

We also went to the greyhound racing which was AMAZING FUN. I lost all my holiday money, but did win ONE bet, the last race. All my other dogs limped in at last place :-/

The greyhound track even had doggy carpet, which was AMAZING

Now back in the Burgh and needing to get down to the workshop and see how my latest test glazes have come out, but the weather is torential rain for three minutes, then cloudy and sort of sunny for 20 mins, so i have to pick my escape plan quite carefully. Also waiting for a new animation to upload; 24 minutes left. It’s a biggie! F helped / hindered 🙂

While I wait for the rain to stop I’m reading two different comics writers’ blogs in different tabs; Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis. If ever there was a way to show people what a diverse form of literature comics are, this surely would be it.


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