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supreme suprematism

I alsolutely LOVE these plates, based on a Russian Futurist design by Georgy Krutikov. These are a brand new design for porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg, the plate with Kruyikov’s design is underneath, but what I love more is the contrast with the side dishes which have a Benham’s Top design.

There is clearly a huge amount of research that has gone into the design, with the blending of formal, realistic handpainting and bold Suprematist motifs too, with the genius move of displaying the plates on a revolving armature.

I am SUCH a huge fan of Suprematist ceramics, although I don’t aspire to make anything like them [I don’t think it’s really possible in the British Studio Pottery tradition to make something to polished; these items were mass produced in a factory, that’s what makes them so incredible] but hope to one day own some pieces like those found in my favourite art book Circling the Square

Every item in this book is perfection – I love looking at it

The idea of using the plate as an optical device is just inspired, but to mix that with the historical rference… I am just blown away. The artist who designed these also designed the metal slides as part of the Unilever series in the Tate Modern turbine hall in Jan 2006. I saw them, but didn’t have time to queue up and have a go!


One comment on “supreme suprematism

  1. helen
    August 13, 2010

    so…yeah…..this post popped up in my google reader and I saw the plate without really registering the title/author and thought instantly ‘groovy…LeC would really like that plate’.

    ah. yes.

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