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Architecture and Ceramics

style and substance

BLDGBLOG has a post about this fantastic animation by Richard Hardy, about a world where artificial intelligence has overwhelmed the word, but has grown organically to replicate natural systems of growth and renewal.

It reminds me of one of my favourite films, Tekkonkinkreet, based on manga by Taiyō Matsumoto. The backgrounds are as important as the action, with 3D surfaces mapped with handdrawn images for such an incredibly immersive experience. This style is so appealing! Information overload in every frame, it means that every time you watch it you get something new. Although the story is fantastic, you could probably take all the animated characters out of it and still have an atmospheric and very watchable [and listenable] film.

We watched it again yesterday. On Bluray. Projected onto the bedroom wall, three foot high and six foot wide. Nice.

My eye is starting to twitch now, maybe time for a break! Tomorrow is busy, a site meeting in the morning, baking a cake for a Stepford Wives style hen party on Saturday. I will be going to a street art sort of a thing to help wee chidlers chalk up the promenade on Saturday, before the Big Busk on the Beach along Portobello Prom, hopefully it will be sunny all day.


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This entry was posted on August 26, 2010 by in films.
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