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Architecture and Ceramics

pottery – online learning through videos

A channel that I have found incredibly helpful is Simon Leach’s website here on YouTube. Simon’s lessons in throwing are so helpful, but it is his manner and his willingness to show the reality of being a potter that make his videos so compelling. The Leaches are a dynasty of British Studio Potters – Simon’s Grandfather Bernard basically reinvented Studio Pottery to the form we know today.

It’s nice to know that even people with a lifetime of experience still experiment and get things wrong the first time, sometimes! It definitely boosts my confidence.

That’s the beautiful thing about clay; you’ll never run out of new techniques to try, different forms to make, different materials to explore. So inspiring!

Simon showing us a pot where the glaze has blistered and flaked off the pot – quite brave to show us all mistakes like this!


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This entry was posted on September 6, 2010 by in pottery.
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