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holiday times

Back from exotique Marrakech, the Red City! We were there for four nights, which was just the right amount of time. Others at the airport who had been for a week retreated to the coastal town of Essouira, where you’re much less likely to get constantly hassled by locals determined to show you the way. To be fair, you do need to be pointed the way a LOT! Luckily, our retreat was the Riad, which was fantastic, with a pool and roof terrace. The timing for our visit was rubbish, it being the last week of Ramadan, and everyone was waiting for Eid; not sure if it was going to fall on the Friday or Saturday. Unfortunately F was quite ill on the Friday [and while we were travelling on Saturday] so I was alone on the roof terrace on Friday when the sun went down. Three or four mosques were within earshot of the Riad, I could see the waning moon to the southwest, saw the Minarets light up and heard the call to prayer ‘Allah O Akbar’ all across the city. It was quite beautiful.

One touristy thing I was looking forward to was the Jardin Majorelle, previously owned by Yves Saint Laurent. It was a lovely garden, it seemed quite small but we kept finding other routes that we hadn’t walked, so stayed quite a long time in the shade. The planting was very dense, with the pavilion which houses the small museum painted Majorelle Blue. These colours simply don’t look anything like this in Scotland, it’s a real treat for the eyes!

The museum had a collection of French tourist posters from the early C20, encouraging people to visit ‘Exotique Maroc’. When we got back to the Riad we were very kindly upgraded to the nicest room as we were the only guests. One of the posters was in the bathroom;

Obviously tiles are EVERYWHERE! There’s just no way you’d get the craftsmanship of tiling in Britain. If I ever specify a large tiling project I’ll just have to fly some Moroccans over.

Oh yeah, the High Altas were visible from our terrace too! No snow on them at this time of year.

Good Lord there’s a lot to say about this holiday, it was contradictory in places. Now I must get my nose to the grindstone and work on my Part 3 things, I didn’t take any work books with me and feel very guilty. Back to reality!


2 comments on “holiday times

  1. helen
    September 13, 2010

    what a lovely post. although it doesn’t help my sense of frustration at having not gone away at the end of summer as originally planned. Four nights sounds perfect and Maroc’ seems fantastically foreign and wonderful. And I love the posters. and the colours.

    You all safely back in blighty now?

    • sarahhalford
      September 13, 2010

      Yup, back to the daily grind! Ferd’s still quite ill though, although he’s training for his new job today. Poor thing’s all pale and shaky, I don’t know if he’s going to make the whole day. When he’s better you guys will definitely be round for food!

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