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cold snap

I had a piece of tweedy wool fabric which I found in a remnant bin and couldn’t leave there, with an idea to make a patchwork quilt. I basically ran out of time before revision took over my life, realised that winter was approaching and threw this together in a couple of afternoons [do you see what I did there? Threw? Because it’s a throw? Good eh?]

The bird fabric is a polycotton from Ikea, and covers the back as well. At the mo the whole thing is basted together so the wadding inside doesn’t all fall about, but I do intend to do a sort of sashiko style stitch all around the quilt. I’ve started with a red thread around the edge but… well I ran out of thread didn’t I!

That wee bird’s face in the bottom corner of the darker fabric; there was a swatch cut out of the remnant so I put him on there poking his beak out. I don’t know why but he really cracks me up! It’s a good job i didn’t put him at the top, or I wouldn’t sleep for poking him in the beak and laughing.

Sashiko is a Japanese stitch which was first used to reinforce working clothes, but poetic Japanese people realised that a utilitarian stitch could also be decorative, so all the working men had very beautifully decorated yet practical clothes. There was a fantastic exhibition of ancient and modern sashiko textiles in York last Christmas. I’m pretty lazy, so a running stitch in a contrasting colour is the best I could do. You get the general idea!


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This entry was posted on October 7, 2010 by in various makey things.
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