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new workshop

See that masking tape on the floor there? That’s marking out the NEW WORKSHOP which we will be moving into before Christmas! It’s in a newly renovated floor of the Arts Complex, which used to be a government records building and is now eight floors of all sorts of creative people beavering away on painting, graphic design, felt, instrument making, music recording, basically anything you can’t fit in your flat!

This will be a new beginning for me, and I’m really excited to start making some serious work. I think this will create a good balance in my life; I’m really happy to work part time in architecture and part time in clay. It’s also a good balance between communal working and independent work too. Working with clay and thinking about how I’m making things, what to do next, how I want it to look, really helps me focus when I’m in the office too. It’s like a palate cleanser for the brain. So architecture is a big steak sandwich, to follow the metatphor through.


2 comments on “new workshop

  1. Dougal Stanton
    November 2, 2010

    I used to work in that building, removing staples and ripping A3 forms into two sheets of A4. Life-affirming work (ahem).

    • sarahhalford
      November 3, 2010

      It’s such an innocuous place, you would never think that so many creative things could go on inside, it’s very much like a beehive.
      We’ll also be renting a small storage boxroom on the very bottom floor. At the moment it’s FULL of catalogue cards that have presumably been digitised now. Goodness knows when the room will be cleared!

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