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rockin’ all over the world

My exam was earlier this week, so while I try to fill the swathes of extra free time I now have, and try to adjust to not falling asleep thinking about the architect’s role under Health & Safety legislation, I’m planning a SUPER SPECIAL TRIP of the British Isles, beginning next weekend.

I’m not even going to mention the ‘s’ word; suffice to say wild horses wouldn’t stop me visiting my friends.

See above for a fantastically inaccurate map of where I’m going. Christmas will be in Cork with Ferdia’s family, so before that I’m visiting my family in York. I’m looking forward to rounding off the year with total relaxation, and happy times with friends. I’ll be staying with friend for two weeks in various places, mostly in homes I haven’t seen before, which will be great. My visit has prompted some people to take days off to show me around, and there will also be one Housewarming/Sarah’s Here Party in London!

I hate to make new year’s resolutions, but this year has definitely been a tough one professionally. Ferdia was made redundant within weeks of my hours being taken down to part time. Add to that the stress of me taking my Part 3 exams to register as an architect, and it has been fairly tough chez Halford.

However, some fantastic things have also come as result of the changes; our flatmate Ciara moved to Edinburgh in May, and is the best flatmate ever. She’s dead funny and just so easy to spend time with, it has worked out really well.

I’ve also had a bit more time to spend on pottery, obviously having to balance that out with studying for exams. With the move to the new workshop, which should be up and running by March, I’m looking into some exciting new ideas for my clay work next year.

I don’t want to say too much about the exam itself – the viva is in March so there’s a lot of time until I find out if I can call myself an architect – but I have enjoyed the process in a strange way. The exam covers the very serious legal issues surrounding architecture, and how important it is to have a business head as well as a creative head. My office have been so supportive and helpful, allowing me to sit in on my days off and study, use the printing resources and ask questions.

I’m just heading into town to meet my study group, get some mulled wine for the German Market and NOT mention anything about insurance, JCT contracts, or the Architect’s Legal Handbook all afternoon!


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This entry was posted on December 3, 2010 by in architecture.
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