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rip it up

We’ve started getting the new workshop ready at the Arts Complex, ripping up all the carpet tiles to lay lino and paint next week. It’s all becoming very real and exciting; we were discussing where to put shelving for optimum drying control and such. The picture above is Avesha pulling up one of the last carpet tiles – yes, it did take a pair of pliers and a hammer, and on occasion a shovel as well. They were fully adhered to the concrete flooring, and had had rows of filing cabinets sitting on top compressing them for years and years. Still, it’s done now!

While I was in London before Christmas I went around the new ceramic galleries with my friend Anna. The cabinets are fantastic, they are 3.5m high and fully glazed to allow maximum light through. Two are circular and double sided so you can get a proper close up look. Plus, they go ON AND ON AND ON

I took a lot of photos, because there was a lot to take photos of. Here are a couple of faves;

I presume this is tableware and not a sort of early chicken brick. Whatever it is, it’s amazing!

This glaze is brilliant, the way it changes from clear to almost black in the detail. This is exactly the type of glaze I love.


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This entry was posted on January 8, 2011 by in pottery.
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