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may the road rise with you

In the mists of time [November] our workshop looked like this

Well it looks a bit different now…

That vinyl floor… let’s just say I won’t be buying flooring off the internet again, and I suggest you follow suit.

‘So Sarah, how does it feel to move from a sunless, leaking, friert basement to a sunny, warm workshop?’ I hear you cry. Blimmin’ BRILLIANT that’s how it feels! I walked in this morning with a spring in my step, and enjoyed my mid-morning Irn-Bru in the sunny sunny sunbeams.

I’ve got this book on Art Nouveau tiles reserved from the library, with a view to making some moulded tiles. As an experiment I made a test mould based on one of my more popular tiles from last year.

The plaster mould, made from an original clay tile and carved while the plaster is still soft. Yeah, check out how neat and tidy my plaster mould is; that’s some backstage magic right there, chipped in the corner and everything.

First tiles from the mould… it’s a bit like making pancakes, the first one is always rubbish. And covered in plaster. Pancakes, u r doin it rong!

Just a test of the corner. Looking pretty good I think, it definitely has the depth of pattern that I’m hoping to achieve, along with the mix of text and graphics.

Second trial, still very patchy but you’re getting the idea now I hope. What I’ve learned from this is that I can be much bolder with the mix of relief and embossed detail. The teapot could be quite 3D if I’m really to go for the kind of relief patterns that original art nouveau tiles use.


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This entry was posted on February 18, 2011 by in pottery.
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