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how you live

I read A LOT of design news feeds, from coolhunter to unhappy hipsters. I’ve been pretty scroll-wheel happy lately, until now. Behold; the best flat you have ever seen in your life.

Found via the incredibly inspiring and often awe-inspiring


5 comments on “how you live

  1. Single Aspect
    February 25, 2011

    It’s still a single aspect flat.

    Well what else did you expect me to say? I wouldn’t live in it, for free!

    • sarahhalford
      February 27, 2011

      That is true, I can’t expect you to change your entire philosphy, even if it is one of the cleverest uses of space in what is essentially a studio flat.

  2. Single Aspect
    February 27, 2011

    Sarah, you’re an architect and I’m not but I’ve lived in a lot of different spaces in nearly 40 years the only reason that one looks bright and airy is that the walls are gloss white and they’re spending a fortune lighting the kitchen. Look at the number lights on for goodness sake.

    Sliding doors are nothing new, Neave Brown used them at Alexandra Road and I lived with one between the kitchen and living room in Aragon Tower, Pepys Estate, Deptford, London (since remodelled to open space flats, a stupid idea in my opinion, now the kitchen is in the living room, smells etc).

    I’m not criticising your choice of a nice flat I just think it would be vastly improved if there were a) a veiw in a different direction and b) an opportunity to vent the space if you burn the sausages.

    3/10 Must try harder.

    • sarahhalford
      February 27, 2011

      I see your point completely, but in terms of a remodelling project, they’ve cleverly used the available space. I’m certainly biased, as I live in a flat and am always looking for ways to install storage, and optimise the feeling of space in a small area. The idea that you [pay a huge amount for a specialist to] build a whole wall of storage is good to see, even though it eats into the floor area it must hold so much ‘stuff’.

      I’m always interested in flexibility, and also in built-in solutions, and this project has both.

      If you think the initial space is just too small, that’s fair enough. In defense of the lighting, the windows are absolutely huge.

      • Single Aspect
        February 27, 2011

        Fair enough. I think what I’m really taking issue with is your description of “the best flat you’ve ever seen in your life.”

        I think the closest I’ve ever come to living in a single aspect flat, as apart from a room in college for three years and numerous hotel rooms, was a flat in North Eastern Brazil which was on the 13th floor of a block facing the sea and was essentially single aspect since the bathroom and kitchen had high level strip windows (North facing, towards the Sun because the city is south of the equator) and being in the tropics were limited in size to avoid overheating at that latitude (13 deg South).

        It didn’t feel like a single aspect flat at all because the door opened onto a North (sunny) facing communal access balcony and would therefore vent the flat if required although this was not required because both the kitchen and bathroom high level strip windows both opened.

        I agree that the flat you highlight is light and spacious with clever use of the space. I take issue with it only as a long term residence or for children. It is to my mind a bachelor (of either gender) pad or childless couple temporary residence.

        It worries me greatly that these kind of things are being built all over London as desirable(?) family dwellings. Where do the children play?

        Lastly I am biased by the way because Aragon Tower had (has) a view both ways, West towards Tower Bridge and St Pauls and East along the river to Greenwich and beyond. Now THAT’S what I call dual aspect.

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