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island in the stream

We went to the Isle of Bute last week, just for the day. From Edinburgh you go to Glasgow Central station, and change for the train to Wemyss Bay. Both the interior of Glasgow Central and the train station and ferry terminal at Wemyss Bay were designed by my favorite Scottish architect, James Miller.

Glasgow Central [larger here]

Wemyss Bay – looking towards the train

Towards the ferry, down the curved slope

Both these pieces of infrastructure have similar characteristics, they utilise curves to encourage movement through. At the ferry terminal, the floor is made from large pieces of wood, like sleepers. These lead you down towards the ferry entrance, on a gently descending curve. The continuity of style between the train terminal and the ferry port is lovely, as is the intricate ironwork. I’d seen photos of Wemyss Bay but had never been before, and it did not disappoint.

From above you can see how the station works, and what a simple idea it is, moving people and cars through from one mode of transport through to another, through 90 degrees on a gentle curve. So elegant!

As you can see, it was a lovely day for it. While on Bute we visited Mount Stuart, which is a crazy elaborate gothic residence. More on that later! More photos of the train station and the beautiful grounds of Mount Stuart at my flickr page.


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