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This is what you get from the Bute tourist office and I’ll tell you what guys and gals, they’re not wrong. I’ve seen some outstanding Gothic mansions in my time, but none built and decorated with such extravagance and lack of restraint. Italian marble! EEEVERYWHERE! THREE chapels! Twelve stained glass windows, for each sign of the zodiac, with triangular prisms set in that cast rainbows onto the marble hall! Tapestries twelve feet wide and six feet high!

If any of you read the Redwall books when you were younger [or recently, because that’s what adults do these days isn’t it? Read childrens’ literature?] you will remember the long passages describing feasts and houses, they would go on for pages. That’s what I would have to do to explain the opulence of this place; I know you don’t want to see me do that. I will say, though, that the hinges on the door had engraved plates depicting flowers and vines, and the 3rd Marquess of Bute was so offended by the thought of seeing a screw head when the door was opened, that individual brass flowers were moulded and tacked into place with teeny tiny brass tacks.I hope that gives you an idea what this place is like.

Here are some photos of the outside. I am sorry there are none of the interior, but photography was prohibited. Probably a good thing, as I was so awestruck I may have shattered my camera on the mosaic floor had I been carrying it.

The entranceway

the chapel and old wing [white render] with new addition behind. Note odd marriage of gothic style with domestic scale; blank walls aren’t very gothic. Also note the galley around the top, for the servants and children of the house to get access to their rooms. Quite an Arts & Crafts idea.

Visitors Centre by Munkenbeck & Marshall

See, if I was lucky enough to own several acres of coal-rich Welsh land, I think I’d do the same as the 3rd Marquess, and make it my hobby to ‘do up’ ailing works of architecture. How the other half live, eh?


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