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10-4 old buddies, destroy… kill all hippies

Like Cebe in Out of the Blue [quoted by PRML SCRM in Kill All Hippies], I ignored the morally dubious actions of the adults around me and muddled through as best I could at the Glastonbury Festival of the Performing Arts. I was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other at times, leading me to think long and hard about the choices festival-goers make in attending outdoor events.

Water-Aid use Glastonbury’s notorious toilets to draw attention to the lack of potable water in poor areas of the globe. This is particularly potent*, given the desperate situation of those in the Horn of Africa at the moment. The tie-in is obvious; we choose to stay for days in the mud, heat, dust and our own filth, quite frankly. Others don’t have a choice.

In other areas of the festival, I found the tie-in to a notion of sustainability to be fairly insulting. There can be nothing less sustainable than a temporary village made from alloy poles and rip-stop nylon. The proof is in the fact that it takes an army of workers over a month to clear up the debris from five days of habitation. Plus, the lack of buildings makes me upset. In case you did not know, I love buildings. I do not love tents. Shivering in my sleeping bag I can’t help think of the inefficiencies inherent in the form. No ventilation, no insulation, no natural light… precious little damp proofing!

from DougBowyer

Not only are there no buildings on site, but to add insult to my injury simulacra are erected hither and thither, to emulate a dystopic future in which we dance in the ruins of cities. Does that sound like fun to you?!

from lucy3point0 – Block 9

from mikeology – Block 9

There were some structures, but I would call them crude, malformed things. Below is a bar; one of the only structures with stairs that i saw in a week. You wouldn’t believe how you miss stairs when you haven’t seen them in a while.

Steve and Macca enjoying a respite from the constant mud. From Simon W

In case you’re wondering, I had a fantastic time, and saw some amazing performances, including my fave poet John Hegley.

*the message, not the toilets


2 comments on “10-4 old buddies, destroy… kill all hippies

  1. YouKnowWho
    July 5, 2011

    Any credits to the photographer??? Also; it would take them a lot less time to clear up if people took their tents home with them, even if only to throw them away! 😉

    Call me an anarchist but I didn’t miss stairs once in the whole 5 days and those stairs (which I seem to recall you didn’t attempt!) were pretty hazardous!

    Awesome festival anyway, looking forward to Burning Man next August!

    • sarahhalford
      July 6, 2011

      Those stairs had not been built to current regulations 🙂
      Sorry, will credit you now!

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