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leaf it out

I was commissioned to make tiles for a birthday present, and I had to wait for spring to spring before beginning, as I had to use lovely lovely leaves.

I found a wide variety in the workshop’s locale, which was lucky!

The birthday boy worked for the Forestry Commission, so I tried to use a wide variety of leaf types. Unfortunately I have very little grasp of horticulture, other than you can take her to it but you can’t make her think.

Anyway, because we are STILL waiting for our big kiln to be set up, I had to fire these in the mini-kiln, which was very stressful as I could only fire four at a time, and each firing takes a day. Still, they were finished on time, and I put cork sheet on the back for extra stability, and so they won’t scratch any nice furniture.

larger here

I am quite pleased with them, and the recipient likes them too, which is the main thing. I like that they look different from each other, which is partly because the different leaves give different effects, but also because the mini kiln is too small, so the two batches looked quite different from each other. The three that didn’t survive are sitting sadly on the side here; I won’t be taking any pictures of them!


2 comments on “leaf it out

  1. Simon
    August 2, 2011

    Where’s our tile? :-{[

    • sarahhalford
      August 3, 2011

      You have nooo idea the sleepless night s I had to get this commission done, plus I was getting paid for it 🙂

      Your tile is waiting to be fired! Honest! It is!

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