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all is full of children

My mam was up last week, and we did lots of festival-type things, especially lots of Arts Festival things. After ten years living in Edinburgh – and working every August – you learn the art of translating the Fringe programme so your hard earned cash isn’t spent on ‘a jazz interpretation of the HMS Pinafore’ or ‘a seven hour immersive telling of the Medea’. Who goes to these things?!

Well Mum and I went to see Ingrid Calame at the Fruitmarket. Initially it looks like a big graffiti mess, but I found the traced drawings the more interesting part of the exhibition. Calame has a system for tracing pieces of ground, including every scratch, gouge and mark on the surface. She uses colour coding to layer these up, and they’re quite impressive as a 1:1 plan of an area. I found the painting less successful, maybe I’ve seen so many similar works done digitally, but the skill employed in layering the acrylic paint over metal panels just looked like wasted time to me. I’m unconvinced that any such mapping system doesn’t break down into arbitrary aesthetic judgements eventually, and you’re losing information in the final transformation, which seems contrary.

We also visited Mirazozo, which is in the same vein as Dreamspace, which I visited about 12 years ago in London. Since the tragic events that led to Dreamspace being closed down, designers have become much more aware of how to safely tether these installations, and Mirazozo is quite different to Dreamspace, in its complexity, and the use of opaque areas to reflect the natural light. Strips of coloured PVC are used to create Tron-esque shapes of light. We arrived soon after opening time on a weekday, and had a good 15 minutes of peace and plinky-plonky sounds before the place was mobbed with small children running up the bouncy walls and sliding down. It was fun to watch for a while – especially the babies rolling around and having a whale of a time – but it got a bit busy for us!

Mum in the ‘blue dome’


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