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Architecture and Ceramics


At the beginning of the year I redecorated my bathroom with a fish and bird Escher pattern. I also made some tiles to match, and here they are

We inherited super-sweet Envision brush-on glazes. They’re not really designed for cone 6 firings [which is the temperature we fire to, 1240 degrees C] but after testing we found that many of them are quite good. Of course, 60% of them turn onto a brown mucky mess, but that’s what testing is all about.

Loads has come out of the kiln lately, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with P2 porcelain, which vitrifies at cone 6 [quite low temperature for porcelain] and so doesn’t need to be glazed. Vitrification changes the structure of the molecules, and turns them ‘glassy’. To illustrate, most plates are not vitrified; once they get a  chip or crack, if you soak them in water you can see that the water soaks into the pot underneath. In contrast, vitrified clay can get a chip in it but will not soak up water, that’s why baths, basins and loos are made from vitrified porcelain.

It also looks pretty.

Back in – holy moly – FEBRUARY, I started making these Time For Tea tiles. FINALLY some of these are out of the kiln!

I’m really happy with them; the incised plaster detail came up well. Will be furthering this research in the new year.

I made two moulds with buttons, and have had loads of fun handpainting them with the paint-on glazes.

I made this back in January, as a sort of signal to myself.

Who am I kidding; round my way every year is the year of the tile!


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This entry was posted on December 12, 2011 by in pottery.
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