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Architecture and Ceramics

rigour not rigor

Testing testing testing, I’m trying to find a way to cast cross stitched fabric in plaster. It is VERY DIFFICULT as even the flattest weave of fabric fluffs up in the presence of water. Also, the fabric has to be stuck down onto a backing of waste clay, and it does not want to stick, and keeps floating into the plaster. Bah. I started off thinking it would be simple, and had a total disaster;

I tried making a casting, just to see what would happen

Hoooorible. I experimented with oilcloth, and thermal curtain lining, which both have a plastic coating bonded to them. The results are below;

One of the pieces of oilcloth floated into the plaster, never to be seen again, one puckered up under the stress of being stitched, the best test was the bottom right with the thermal lining, with the coated side ‘up’. Still, not at all happy with the results! I’m nearly calling it a day with this technique, it’s just not going to give me good results, and it’s a lot of work to create the cross stitch in the first place, just to encase it in plaster accidentally.

When I was at the British Museum, there were moulds made from bisqued clay, so I thought I’d try to make my own mould that way instead. I had this lovely sample of embroidered silk, and pressed it into a leatherhard slab of clay. I now need to dry it very slowly, as flat as possible, so that it will form a good surface for moulding.

In other news, I’ve had this enormous collection of pieces of velvet for years, and have been arranging them artfuly with a view to making a patchwork, but I’m too scared that I’ll mess it up and ruin a very lovely collection.A lovely rainbow of velvet! I should make myself some loon pants!


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This entry was posted on February 6, 2012 by in pottery, various makey things.
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