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fun with oxides

First test with Chromium Oxide, I thought this might come out pink, but apparently that only happens with the addition of tin oxide, so this lovely green is quite close to the colour of the original oxide. Porcelain, white grogged stoneware, extra-white stoneware on the right. 2% of the oxide at the front, 4% at the back. All six are glazed in the same basic way, the only difference is the concentration of oxide, and the clay.

2% copper carbonate on the back three tests, 4% copper carbonate on the front three. Porcelain, White grogged stoneware [what a joke] and extra-white stoneware on the right.

This glaze is such a nightmare; when it’s good it’s a really beautiful glossy blue, that breaks fantastically over even the smallest detail. When it’s bad it’s a matt black/brown mess. 1% cobalt oxide, 2% red iron oxide. Porcelain, white grogged stoneware, extra-white on the right.

All glazes are cone 6, 50 degrees/hr to 100 degrees, 100 degrees/hr to 450, full on to 1240, 30 min soak.

Closeup of the iron glaze on the porcelain. Imagine if I could control this glaze; it would be sooo lovely.

In other studio news, we got some fantastic shelves made by Guy, who ddi a great and very swift job for us! They are frames, which you slot your ware boards into, just like as if you were in a proper studio or something.

and without shelves, in Guy’s workshop…

Last weekend I was in Hebden Bridge, and we went on a lovely walk on the Pennine Way, where we hardly got lost at all. It was very icy, in fact hailstones were all around us. There were some great ice ‘sculptures’ in the standing water. Imagine if you could recreate this with glaze…


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