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Architecture and Ceramics

we were always being boring

It’s difficult to document my architectural work in the way that I document my ceramics and other ‘craft’ work, simply because everything I do belongs to my architectural practice, and only becomes available for public view once it is in the public domain. Having said that, there are several projects that I am working on which are going to be able to be viewed this week, which is very exciting. Lots of projects coming out of our office are going on site either this month or next, and I am very much hoping to be able to shadow the project architects and get to know more about the construction phase.

THAT SAID I have had quite a manic few weeks making and making and making…

My lovely boyfriend took me to Stobo Castle, which was a wonderful and much needed break, and we walked down to the Japanese Gardens, which were planted in 1903, and looked really fantastic, even in early February

We also went to the Mummies exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, which was brilliant, and of course we visited my fave Paolozzi sculptures while we were there

I got some fantastic floral fabrics from the best charity shop in Edinburgh; St Columba’s Hospice on Leith Walk, and made a cushion cover, using some fabric ‘sculpture’ techniques i got from a boook

I had quite a lot of fabric left over, so I used it to turn our ironing board from this

into this


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