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Lately I have mostly been enjoying watching Les Rita Mitsouko videos on YouTube and listening to FIP radio streaming from France.

I have also been making a sort of kaleidoscope quilt top thing from ‘vintage’ [second-hand] sheets.

This is the first time I have

– used a rotary cutter. Much faster than using scissors!

– used sheets as a patchwork material. It’s quite thin to work with, but the benefit is that both sides have the same print, so you can get the mirrored effect in the pattern pieces.

– made such a big patchwork.

Also, things came out of the kiln!

coeurs bleus

coeurs verts – avec oxyde de chrome

We are visiting Dublin this week, and it will be the first visit for me! I’ve been fortifying my liver in preparation, with not a great deal of success. Au revoir!


One comment on “comprenez-vous?

  1. helen
    April 6, 2012

    somehow I had always thought you were a (large scale) patchwork pro. I read so much about patchwork/quilting online…in my head it’ll be so easy and I just need to make a start at it! in truth I haven’t used my sewing machine in about six years and I need to buy a foot pedal for it as I have lost mine and also I was never very good at it before anyway…..and my plans of ‘learning this summer’ (how many times have I made that resolution??) are somewhat stymied by not begin in Scotland for most of the summer. silly Helen.

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