Sarah Halford

Architecture and Ceramics

nacho nacho man

This week F got me an amazing present, which I was going top get for myself, but couldn’t find online. It is a shiny new notebook!

But wait there’s more! Not only is it a supercool French notebook, it also has  secret within…

DotPad! 5mm spaced dots for drawing, writing, sketching plans, surveying, or doodling! Surprise presents are excellent.

I made this skirt from a Clothkits ready-cut pattern I found in a charidee shop [my favourite charity shop; St Columba’s on Leith Walk]. I don’t really like patch pockets, which is what the instructions said to do, so i inset the pockets in the side seam instead. It sort-of worked! I think I’ll have to sort of the side hem a bit more, to make it lie flatter. This is what the pockets should look like

Work continues on my vintage sheet quilt. Pigs has been helping me. Thanks Pigs!

This is going to be exhibited as part of the re:use exhibition in the Art’s Complex this week. It’s organised by the Green Team at the Art’s Complex, which includes the talented Sheila Masson


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