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some velvet morning

When I was working at the fabric shop, a whole range of velvets were discontinued, so I got the sample hanger, which has moved house with me… seven times! Well it’s about time to stop hanging onto things for a rainy day, and do something with all that rainbow of fabric!

I was inspired by the book Bauhaus Textiles, which has lots of amazing weavings, in ranges of colour, against neutral backgrounds.

I made the whole pile of velvet samples into half-square-triangles. I’m usually not that keen on such a ‘patchwork’y look, but I wanted the colours to really stand out. I used black corduroy for the base colour. Corduroy and velvet shed A LOT OF FIBRE!!!! There’s fluff all over the flat. Plus, they’re very bulky fabrics, so reducing bulk at the seams and especially at corners was difficult.

Note the Furminator cat brush on the ironing board, I used it to get excess fluff off the squares.

I laid out all the squares on the floor, that cat loved this bit.

See all the fluff that the velvet has shed? I prewashed the pieces, so it was all over our clothes for a week as well. Lovely. My sense of colour is absolutely rubbish. I know some quilters take a photo and then make it greyscale to test the tones before sewing, but I just went for it. The idea is that this will be a central panel in a larger black quilt.

Sewed the pieces together in strips, numbered the strips, sewed them into manageable squares them into a long strip.

Here’s the back of part of the panel. Joining the corners was really difficult, don’t look too close.

In other quilty news, my quilt made out of vintage sheets for my Granny was in the re:use exhibition at the Arts’ Complex. It looks pretty good displayed like this, I must say!


2 comments on “some velvet morning

  1. helen hare
    May 21, 2012

    I utterly love a)the last one from the book and b)your actual creation. brilliant. I had long admired the hanging rainbow of velvet in the flat and wondered what was in store for it or whether you used it as some sort of colour palate. FAB to see what you’re doing with it (and so beautifully!)

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