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Architecture and Ceramics

skirting the issue – HA!

That cat is so inappropriate! I made this skirt from a pattern I basically made up. The front and back are elasticated, but elasticated waist skirts always end up really bulky on the hips, so I left the sides unpleated. Pockets are inset into the side seams. It is for going to the seaside, and is making me feel sunny and happy inside.

How beautiful is this fabric?

I’d been given two metres of fabric, but I didn’t need that much. Usually I’d cut a skirt with the warp down the way, but this print runs in the opposite direction. I think it’s meant to be draped around the body. I like the pattern both ways up, but I thought it looked more optimistic with the fans opening upwards rather than downwards.

I was basting the enormous rainbow velvet quilt too, it nearly killed my knees.

I also made a super quick organiser for the bathroom books.

Looks pretty good in our greyscale bathroom. It’s leftover Ikea fabric from a bag, I really love Ikea fabrics; so cheap!

A dowel in the top with screw eyes holds the thing to the wall. I couldn’t find any nails, so I used good old carpet tacks. They are the most useful things!


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This entry was posted on May 15, 2012 by in various makey things.
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