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Architecture and Ceramics

By Jupiter

This week the weather has been AMAZING. It’s been warm enough to SIT IN THE PARK in just a t-shirt. Can you imagine?! Everyone is wandering slowly about, enjoying the slower pace of life; it’s brilliant.

We took advantage of the great weather – and my birthday – on Saturday and went on a trip to Jupiter Artland, which is about 10 miles outside Edinburgh, easily accessible by bus from George St right to the gates. There are around 28 site-specific artworks in the gardens, all of them were provocative and interesting, not to mention beautifully crafted. My favourite was Goldsworthy’s Stone House, which is a house made of stone, containing stone. Inside it was several degrees below the ambient temperature. The stone was cool and the uneven floor affected the acoustics.

Here are some of Ferdia’s photos

Stone House

Jencks Landforms

Stairs ‘held up’ by a tree

Suck by Anish Kapoor

Jencks Bollards

A Forest by Lambie. Come closer and see, see into the trees

Firmament by Gormley

Landscape with Gun by Parker

Below is a good one, I would recommend you view it large if you can’t see the artwork.


See any of these photos larger at my flickr page


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