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the colour of crumar

I’ve been enjoying quite a pottery-filled week really, which is great as I love being busy, and I’ve been busy doing lovely things with friends!

Ferdia took me to the Museum: Lates evening at the Royal Museum, which was really fun. You got to have a beer, listen to some bands, and also see all the exhibits in the museum. You weren’t meant to drink as you browsed, but we did anyway, because we’re just nuts that way.

We saw these tiles which I have missed the last two times I’ve visited. I was glad though, because after a few beers they really tickled me a lot.

How good is this ram? He’d make a brilliant logo.

Last weekend we went to Potfest, near Perth, at Scone Palace. I’ve not been up there before, but we were really there for the pots, not for the palace, so we had lunch with a white peacock…

… he really liked cake, and didn’t like avocado.

Then we went to see a LOT of pots! We got some interesting technical information out of some excellent potters. At one point we were looking at some amazing copper fumed pots – Io was thinking ‘I’m sure I’ve seen these before somewhere’ – and we were asking the potter about his methods. After a couple of questions Alison suddenly said ‘You’re John Wheeldon!’ which was very embarrassing, as I have three books on Raku from the library with his work in them, one was in the car we’d come in! No wonder they were familiar!

Alison and Anne both bought pieces, they are absolutely beautiful. Bear in mind Mr Wheeldon had these as SECONDS!

Click through for a bigger photo. The website with more of John’s work is here; it’s absolutely beautiful.




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