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This is my old sewing machine, a lovely New Home that I was given by my Aunty Maureen just after I moved to Edinburgh. It’s been a great machine, battling through curtains, blinds, jumpers, cusion covers and bags. I’ve broken it twice trying to do machine embroidery, and it just won’t take another service… it’s nearly 30 years old.

I feel pretty guilty for kicking it to the kerb for this new model but look at it, JUST LOOK AT IT. Decorative stitches, a walking foot, an automatic one-touch buttonhole maker, that can also make corded button holes, a darning foot for machine embroidery and a two year warranty :-DDD

I’m on it like a car bonnet embroidering everything in sight. I’ve been making these canvas panels by first using acrylic paint mixed with fabric paint medium to paint a masked-off shape onto a panel, then drawing a design onto freezer paper, iron on the reverse, and embroider away

The Pig approves. You’d be surprised, that is his Face Of Approvalâ„¢.


2 comments on “sew-sew

  1. helen hare
    June 26, 2012

    i often read about freezer-paper stencils on american blogs. i’d always assumed it was some funny cooking product we didn’t get here. is it something i’d know by another name or did you just get it in a craft shop?

    • sarahhalford
      July 11, 2012

      I’d been reading about freezer paper for years on stencil sites, but forgot all about it as you could NOT get it over here [US product]. Then I remembered and got 30 A4 sheets off Amazon, and I use them sparingly!

      It’s not like anything I’ve seen before, and I don’t know why it’s called ‘freezer’ paper, the only use for it is stencilling and other crafts I think. You can get the same effect by using thin paper – or even normal paper – and spray mount, that’s what I’ve used for stencils in the past. Americans swear by freezer paper but it’s quite expensive for what it is, and mine won’t go through my printer either!

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