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glassy expression

A member of our pottery group Bridge Pottery Collective works at a school where they have a glass workshop, and so brought in boxes of all sorts of coloured glass offcuts. Glass is a wonderful decorative finish for ceramics, as well as being able to be formed in the kiln as slumped glass. First I tested the different colours in test cups I had moulded aaaages ago.

The different colours react very differently, I think it’s dependent on the type of colourant. See how the orange colour has emulsified. i love how the glass melts up the walls, just like a thick liquid might.

I thought I’d try some TILES!

Pretty interesting! I knew i hadn’t made the indentations large enough to contain the glass, so it was a good job that the kiln shelves were not destroyed really! I glazed the stoneware tiles with a clear shiny glaze, which reacted with the glass at the edges to form a rough opaque material

Some bubbles appeared in the glass. These edges are quite sharp, I’ll have to watch for that.

Some of the colours bubbled quite a lot. I love it!

Then I made a saucer, and filled it with small pieces of all the cool colours.

See some of the glass had impurities in it, causing it to form cloudy patches. All part of the chaos.


One comment on “glassy expression

  1. helen hare
    August 7, 2012

    i do love that you share all this experimental stuff. it’s a side of artistry that one doesn’t often get to experience. I think that was what I liked about the pottery bits of The Children’s Book. presumably this is because it appeals to my science nerd.

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