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I love you Piggy!

I made a bag for my friend’s birthday, as she is a massive Invader Zim fan

Gir is Zim’s … pet? sidekick? … anyway he’s a defective robot helper who is disguised in an unconvincing dog suit a lot of the time.

#Doom de doom doom de doom doom doom#

Aaaanyway, this was made possible using my machine’s AMAZING darning foot. After I made a basic lined bag, I stencilled the basic Gir turquoise shape using spray paint, then sewed around the outline, using the printed out image as a guideline. I found a black fabric pen and coloured in the rest of the design.

I’ve got into making rubber stamps, so i stamped some brown paper for the wrapping, and stamped the Birthday Girl’s name inside the bag, in case she forgot which one was hers 🙂


One comment on “I love you Piggy!

  1. helen hare
    August 7, 2012

    your home made stamps are INCREDIBLE. i have made triangles for printing bunting….and i thought I was a bit of a hipster….

    what it is to be an artist!!

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