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Architecture and Ceramics

Raku, take tu

Last weekend it was fantastic weather, so three members of the Bridge Pottery Collective undertook the second – only the second! – raku firing of the summer.

I had a large egg shaped pot of Fireclay, which I dipped into Alison’s silver lustre glaze before firing to 900oC

Then I fired a tealight holder made of fireclay, then painted over with a porcelian slip and sort-of burnished a bit [really just to smooth out the grogged surface], then bisqued. THEN painted with a slip of 50/50 china clay and flint, and glazed with a sacrificial glaze. This is NAKED RAKU! I need to chip off the rest of the glaze yet.

Lastly, we decided we would follow the incomplete directions for copper fuming in our raku handbook, to try and copy the pots of John Wheeldon which we saw at Potfest. Well, it’s pretty scary stuff. We had some copper chloride crystals in a solution of water, and Alison took the pots out and just sort of … chucked the blue liquid over the pots with a teaspoon. No idea of quantities, no idea of strength, just a total guess. We all ran away very quickly from the resulting smoke, which was chlorine gas. The colour was eeeevil.


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This entry was posted on September 3, 2012 by in pottery.
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