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bucky balls can be festive

So last month I found this bag of hundreds of tiny, tiny, TINY pieces of fabric in a fab craft shop in Musselburgh. It’s a members’ supply shop, that sells off seconds, and extras and all that fab stuff that I love, because I absolutely cannot get on board with the type of ‘crafters’ [URGH!] who do things like this. To me, the joy in making things is in using up pieces of this and that, and picking lovely fabrics that you’d like to work with, and making things that have some meaning because they have passed through your hands and you know every stitch of them.

I have loved the Dear Prudence quilt since I saw it online a couple of years ago. Who has the patience for that? FOUR HOURS a DAY?! Nuts. Anyway, the bag of tiny pieces inspired me to make wee hexagons, with a view to just seeing how many I could be bothered to make. As it turns out, it’s really, really fun to make these wee things, it gives you a chance to really look at all the different prints, which is handy as each scrap in the bag has a different print.

As it turns out, there are over 400 scraps. Yeesh.

As I was making these hexagons I thought to myself ‘well this is all fine, sewing these all through your holiday, getting weird looks on the TGV and all, but what are you going to make?’ ‘what do you make with hexagons?’ ‘Hmmm… a buckyball?’ ‘You need pentagons too for that.’

20 hexagons, 12 pentagons.

You can see a mistake in this picture, two green pentagons at the bottom are going to be next to each other.

The Pig, for scale. Although it’s not that useful a scale, as perhaps you don’t know how enormous my cat is. I used invisible thread for sewing the pieces together, which was a bit of a mistake. It’s way too springy and doesn’t have any grip over the fabric. A careful ladder stitch in any red or green colour would be much better.


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