Sarah Halford

Architecture and Ceramics

cat platter

It’s Mud Colony‘s birthday this month, and I’ve got a load of stuff out of the kiln, so here’s the process of one of my new pieces!

We have a platter mould, that’s really great, just a huge canvas for decoration. After my inlaid tiles came out so well I was confident to try a larger piece.

I was inspired by the circular shape of Pigs. Here’s what he looks like when he’s grumpy from being woken up

I made one pattern of fallen leaves in a pale pink slip, then left overnight under plastic. The next day I worked over the surface, carving the image from a reference photo and using black slip. I used various tools, including a hole cutter and a pin.

It’s good using the mould, because I’m not worried about warping the platter as I work.

I fired the platter on a bed of grog, to prevent it dunting (splitting) as it shrank in the kiln. In the glaze firing I put it on ceramic fibre, which does the same job

The glaze was a bit bubbled, so it’s pinholed :-/ I might refire it


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This entry was posted on November 16, 2012 by in pottery.
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