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patchwork platter

I really must make a recommendation for the Dover Pictorial Decorative Tile book I have. I originally borrowed the book from the library when looking for repeating patterns, but have bought my own copy and use it for all my inlaying patterns now.

This is one of my faves; I have four platters that I will  be exhibiting until Christmas at the Arts Complex where our studio lives. I will also be helping to curate the exhibition, which will also feature prints, textiles and ceramics from many tenants of the building. So exciting, but no time to hang everything, so I’ll try to take some good photos of the work on the opening night!

Very meditative work

I’m enjoying the geometry and the flatness of the image, plus the idea of a line which looks like a simple sketch but has actually involved an afternoon’s work. The design also links into my interest in tiles and patchwork… would look good with some oranges on it!

Alison says I’m NOT ALLOWED to use the transparent T12 glaze next year; I’m to formulate some new glazes with COLOUR again! Terrifying!

Look at Mud Colony for more news from potters all over the place!


2 comments on “patchwork platter

  1. Jan Wallace
    December 4, 2012

    Looks fabulous Sarah. I can see this with a transparent copper green glaze. Please share with us again when its been glazed. 🙂

    • sarahhalford
      December 14, 2012

      Oh that last photo is it finished! Clear glaze, quite shiny 🙂

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