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Architecture and Ceramics

a nice problem to have

Many things have been occurring and I’ve been having a good old think about why I make pots and how that could change in the future. My flat is now entirely full of mugs and bowls, and poor Christopher is very patient with me, as he looks for a new place to put things.

This is the fruits of last months’ ‘labour’. I can’t call it labour, it’s a joy to me to make things, and I feel like now I’m at a place where I’m really happy with 60% of the things I make. My glazes are working well – no pinholing or bubbling or dry spots – and I’ve been practising on the wheel at a few shapes that I’m getting familiar with now.

What I’m driving at, is that I’m going to start selling mugs. I’m not an artist or a potter, but I am a designer, and I’ve been making these ‘non-matching sets’ which aren’t a standard size or shape, but are a family of mugs that sit together nicely and have conversations!

I’m opening a new Etsy shop soon, with mugs to buy, or I will custom make a ‘family’ for you.

Also, we went to Fort William and Mallaig last weekend, it was really lovely. We went on the steam train, as Chris called it ‘the Harry Popper train’

Smashing scenery, and amazing seafood too.


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